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Located in southern Guilin, officeGRM is a high-tech enterprise approved by China Science and Technology Committee. GRM is specialized in developing and manufacturing rubber machinery. It has the certificate of A1 design and manufacture of pressure vessel.
It now employs about 1200 staffs including 380 engineers and technicians. It has capabilities of producing over 500 sets of tire curing press and 32,000 tons of rubber machinery annually. It has over 500 pieces of machining equipment, including about 100 pieces of precise and advanced equipment such as CNC boring and milling machines. GRM has now established CAD work station for design and development of new products. In 1997, it established ISO9001 quality insurance system and got certificate of the ISO9001. Tire curing press has received the CE certificate approved by TUV Corp. In 2006, tire curing press is awarded China top brand and national free-check product.
GRM’s main products are tire curing presses,workshop which include tilt-back press, vertical and slide-back motion press, complete vertical motion mechanical press, hydraulic press. With about 40 years of experience, GRM is famous for its products quality and service especially in tire curing presses. Since 1975, it has supplied more than 4000 sets of presses to both domestic and abroad market. Now it has formed a series of tire curing presses ranged from 40.5" to 200" suitable for manufacturing high precision radial tires. Overall, GRM could design and produce any kinds of tire curing presses based on customers’ specification and deliver in time. In addition, GRM could supply customers with tire building machines, extruder, extruder train equipments, cutters, tire painting machines, white sidewall buffers, etc. In a word, GRM has the capacity of almost all the tire manufacturing equipment.
GRM’s goal is to become a world-class manufacturer of rubber machinery.

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